dude you goin to bells? hey you gonna make it to bells? hows your knee you gonna do bells? you gonna go to bells? you gonna go to bells? you gonna go to bells? you gonna do bells? you gonna do bells? you gonna do bells? you gonna...

that question plagued me for about a month. i didn't do bells. knees tender. timings off. not ready for the big stage you know. this is the first day that i could crouch normally and feel fairly free from pain on a surfboard. i had so much fun i surfed for like 2 hours and set myself back a few more days.

hey man when are you gonna put another section up? that's another good one.

surfing magazine did something on him like a month ago so i suppose i'm a lil behind the 8 ball, but i certainly am a fan. i saw him two nights ago in santa barbara. we showed up at 8. nobody was there. merch table. hell yeah! i bought a shirt and an LP. "hey guys thanks for coming" it was him. shit i froze up. kinda just shook my head i think. damn.

i went to the bar and ordered soup and a beer. they both tasted good. the opening act wasn't my cup of tea but they played their instruments well. catwalk. they're from oxnard!!! wtf?? the place filled up.

i've been really diggin his recordings. badlands is great, but also the U.S. Girls split and the daytrotter stuff... but the songs really came to life in this here bar. a natural performer. his friendly demeanor turns demonic as he shakes and howls and terrorizes the crowd with noisy jabs from his guitar. rad!

dirty beaches

i rode this board in europe several times last year. something just wasn't quite right. a straight rail line and slopey rocker made it ride long and sluggish. i thought cutting a diamond tail might give it a little spark. take the rail line down an inch or so while leaving the stringer intact. so i did. but it just looked ridiculous with this long narrow nose and a snub tail. so i decided to cut the nose off too.

my friend wanted me to trace the nose off his favorite fish and make a template. i thought that was quite frivolous and the only logical way to finish it off was a diamond nose. symmetry.

it looks ridiculous but it was really fun to ride. really immediate and responsive and no swing weight in the nose.

then this dude cut two tiny holes in my knee and stuck scissers in one hole and a camera in the other, moved some shit around. my knee still doesn't really understand what happened. i haven't been able to to try it again. possible pt. 2 when my knee figures shit out.

another fine choice for an album cover

barbra streisand cracks me up man. i bought this album for the cover art but i gotta say 'woman in love' is a pretty rockin track.