briefly joining the alaia craze

this was 2 years ago while filming with Thomas Campbell for The Present. Small day and he was filming some guys on alaias. extra boards were laying around so i joined. it's a very different sensation from any other surfboard i've ridden. i've yet to ride one again. well, i tried to at the Rincon Classic this year but devil wind and several beers inhibited my riding capabilities.

an afternoon with adam

never thought i'd see this again so soon

but here we go. the tropics for the holidays. yaaaaaah. see ya next year. mini keep em updated.

Sun Ra and the Arkestra

lackadaisical surfing on a 5'6" Donald Day + aggressive finish

ed templeton; bliss magazine #3.2

Ed Templeton interview. read it this morning and liked it so i scanned some parts i particularly liked.



mini's first roll of film (possible light leak)

we bought a bolex off of our friend Rick Rifici almost a year ago now. this is the first roll we put through it. the film was 8 years expired and the door fell off several times.


a lovely portrait drawn by rose machado. funny though, i don't remember looking that angry this day.
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