this board is ugly. first time ive seen hips at the halfway point. 1 - 1/2"  thick. probably. if you measured it.  i shaped it. kind of embarrassing.  thomas campbell was passing through town. wanted to take some pictures of me shaping a board. he coached me through it. then there was no foam left and hes telling me it needed more vee. "how many boards you shaped thomas?" "awe ,,, one,,, sorta..." the blind leading the blind. hows that for a cliche. first time i rode it was a mess. tense first date. social anxiety. i tried to ride it flat. skating around like a fish. it didnt like that. pretty much did what it wanted. put it away. shelf life. 

this is california in july. bored of two foot beachbreaks. inspired after seeing al knosts frantic dance in mexico. channelling davey miller. crank off the bottom. peg the lip. ranger style. due to the lack of symmetry it only turns off the toe side rail. a cutbacks a fight.  but if you adapt and make it work, its fun as hell. and aint that what its about aneeeways?

lost interest. kinda like lost atlas' sibling; except he didn't receive very many nutrients while he was in the womb. and he was born early, never played any sports or anything and raised on a steady diet of fast food. now he's 13 and ADD as hell, smoking cigarettes and playing world of warcraft till the early hours of the morning.