6 foot high tide

surfed this beach on a 6 foot high tide to avoid crowds. the breakers weren't breaking so nice. 4 people out. one of them on a boogie board. he had bad etiquette.

layered temporality

white or dark meat?

i think that the reason people were excited in the audio of this shot is because this wave is usually a backwashy close-out. and this day wasn't much different. just found a lucky one.


found this blowing around on the side of the freeway while checking another shitty crowded wave today. i was pretty excited. definitely gonna call them when i'm 70. but i think that by the time i'm 70 we will have rubber heads.

meager rights in black and white



carols + longdonging

mini filming signs and a guy playing the clarinet while i'm displaying my difficulties with longboarding riding a borrowed 10'10 skip frye.


thank you everyone who wrote in for the giveaway. i appreciate it. sorry i can't send you all something. those of you who were the 11th 12th etc. oh dang. broke my heart.



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