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alex olson

i met alex at point mugu by the rock. i put on the right shirt and we walked around and he snapped some pictures and i told natas it was going to be weird but we still did it and i thought it was pretty weird but he handled it well. natas wanted us to take pictures of each other for a quiksilver ad but i was feeling kinda awkward and i drank like 5 beers and didn't take a picture. i told him it would be like a stand off. we talked about surfing and skating and he asked if girls go crazy for surfers, like groupies you know, i told him not really, well i've heard some stories but not really. well actually more recently i saw some young girls goin pretty wild for the young surfers. but anyways...

courtney and i went to a gallery opening in new york. we pulled up in a cab and i texted my friend and he came out and grabbed us cause i don't think they would have let us in otherwise. it was a pretty flash event and the paintings were big silhouettes of horses or cowboys and sometimes both and everyone was pretty and happy and chatting about their collections and drinking champagne and suddenly my sweater felt like trash and i was not very proud of my 2 year old skateboarding shoes anymore. we looked at the paintings and waited to see a tray of champagne but the waiters were very elusive. this is where i met alex for the second time. he was wearing shorts and a button shirt. rad! he didn't seem to care. we left swiftly and there's not much else to say pertaining to this story or to alex, but i dig this video a lot.

while figuring out exactly what marine layer could or should be, i thought it would be rad to create a visual dialogue via iphone starting in new york. this lasted about 3 days. i learned quickly that taking something current and real and posting it online felt very exploitive. even in a vague indirect way. i trip out on twitter users. besides daily exploitation, being constantly plugged into social media totally kills the incubation period thats necessary for anything special to develop. instead it's just a trickle of shit. and not to mention missing out on real human interaction. ever been at dinner while everyones tweeting? yep. omg i'm totally ripping on twitter. hey i run a blog. i've got no leverage.

these pictures were taken just after midnight at a bar in brooklyn on sept. 7th. that's the k holes and they're rad. shortly after this i remember taking shots (it was my birthday) and yelling way too loud to an australian dude i'd just met that he's reading the wrong bukowski books. now that's reckless. how embarrassing. maybe they've got it right. human interaction is dead. there's no guilt or hangover in cyber world. reality mostly leaves you sick, disheartened and bummed out. maybe i need to open a twitter account. or perhaps just a lifestyle change.

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